The 2nd Heinrich Rohrer Medals will be awarded to following reseachers.

Press Release on Winners of the 2nd Heinrich Rohrer Medals in 2017_(English)

The 2nd Heinrich Rohrer Medal -Grand Medal- (2017)

  Joseph A. Stroscio

National Institute of Standard Technology (NIST), U.S.A.

For his pioneering achievements on spectroscopic capability of scanning tunneling microscopy opening novel perspectives for revealing the quantum nature of the nano-world

Award Achievements

The 2nd Heinrich Rohrer Medal -Rising Medal- (2017)

  Sascha Schäfer (born in 1980)

University of Göttingen, Germany

For his outstanding contributions to the development and application of ultrafast electron microscopy and diffraction

Award Achievements

The 2nd Heinrich Rohrer Medal -Rising Medal- (2017)

  Alfred J. Weymouth (born in 1980)

University of Regensburg, Germany

For his valuable contributions to force microscopy at the atomic scale including studying the interplay of current and force, applications of lateral force microscopy, and imaging in ambient conditions

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