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Preface for The Sixth Japan-Russia Seminar on Semiconductor Surfaces (JRSSS-6)

The Sixth Japan-Russia Seminar on Semiconductor Surfaces (JRSSS-6) was held at the Kuroda-Hall, Toyama University, Toyama during October 10-17, 2004.

The idea of this Seminar was born in 1991, when one of the cochairmen was invited to Japan. At that time, it was felt that although Russia and Japan are neighboring countries with each other, the relationship between scientists of the two countries is far less intimate than those with other countries. There was a consensus that such a seminar should provide an opportunity for direct exchange of information and for personal contacts and informal discussions among participants. In response to this, the First Russia-Japan Seminar on Semiconductor Surfaces (JRSSS-1) was held in Vladivostok, Russia, 1993. In 1995, the Second Japan-Russia Seminar on Semiconductor Surfaces (JRSSS-2) was held in Osaka, Japan. JRSSS-3 in 1998 and JRSSS-5 in 2002 were held in Vladivostok. JRSSS-4 was held in 2000 in Nagoya, Japan.

24 scientists not only from Russia but also from France, China and Bangladesh, and 33 from Japan attended at this Seminar. There were 47 papers presented at the Seminar on many kinds of subjects such as semiconductor surfaces, adsorption structures, crystal growth and epitaxy and so on.

The Seminar was successful from many aspects. Of course, the quality of the presentations was outstanding and they induced a lot of active discussion among participants. The participants have successfully formed friendship through discussion and also chats at the Seminar as well as the social activities, which included a welcome reception, a banquet, excursions to the Tateyama Mountain and World heritage Gokayama, and a farewell party.

Finally, the success of the JRSSS-6 was greatly dependent on the efforts of organizing committees and also the supports of many companies, The Japan Society of Applied Physics, Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, and Far Eastern State University.

Chiei Tatsuyama (Toyama)

Victor Lifshits (Vladivostok)

Co-chairmen of JRSSS-6