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International Symposium on Atomic Level
Characterizations for New Materials and Devices
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About ALC Symposia

The series of international symposia entitled “Atomic Level Characterization (ALC)” started in 1996 under support of the 141 Committee on Microbeam Analysis, JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science). The ALC symposia focus on practical applications of atomic level characterization (both atomic dimensions and energy levels) of new materials and devices, including bio- and organic materials as well as inorganic materials. Descriptions of new applications and instrumentation for various analytical techniques of surface and interface analysis are solicited in these symposia. The goal is to promote stimulating discussions among researchers specializing in different probe methods. The symposium also encourages discussion of fundamental problems to be solved in the further development of atomic level characterization of materials, including approaches based on theory and simulations. The 141 Committee was disbanded in March 2020 and passed on its role to newly established division of Microbeam Analysis (MBA), the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science (JVSS). Therefore, ALC symposia will be held by the Division of Microbeam Analysis since 2021.